At the start of every project I really take the time to truly understand the ins and outs of your business so that together we create something that’s meaningful and long-lasting. We’ll collaborate to create a thoughtful brand experience for your business - the process is more than just providing you with a beautiful design - it’s about giving you the confidence and support you need to enable you to create a genuine connection with your audience.

Your brand identity stretches beyond just a logo to give you a complete, recognisable identity that’s consistent on every platform.


Gemma completely unlocked the essence of my brand, turning my ideas into a cohesive, consistent, stand out brand. I really can’t thank her enough

Here’s what you get


brand strategy

An extensive brand strategy document — and I mean extensive — includes everything from your brand’s visual direction to its tone. I recommend holding on to it for reference.

custom logo designs

Three cohesive logos (primary, variation and icon) for your brand to give you variety and to make a lasting first impression, in the best way.

colour palette

A custom colour palette based on colour theory, psychology and instinct, that will attract your target audience.


Typography that works with the other elements of your brand and helps to set the tone.

Your choice of collateral item

Time to put your logo, colour palette and typography to good use. Choose an item from the list below to kick off your new identity:

  • Business cards

  • Gift cards

  • Packaging design

  • Stickers

  • Tags

  • Thank You card

  • Instagram graphics

  • Letterheads

  • Other (have an other idea? Let me know)


I want you to feel confident using your new identity out in the real world so I’ll supply you with a guide on how to use your new brand. It'll cover everything you need to know including your brand colour codes, font system, logos, along with a File Use Guide. You’ll find this handy when liaising with other designers or printers.


I’m still here for you even after your brand launches! If you have any questions or need additional file types, I’m just an email away. 


how it works



After you are officially in the books, we’ll start the process with a little bit of homework. (It’s easy, I promise.) You’ll be asked to answer questions about your business goals, target audience, inspirations, etc. 

02. strategy

From there I put together a strategy document and moodboard which is the starting point for creating a meaningful and stylish brand with depth. 

The document outlines your brand’s passion, purpose, and target market whilst also analysing your competition and overall goals so you can stand out from the crowd. A visual moodboard is also included. You’ll then review the document to ensure we’re on the same page before any design work begins.


I’ll design a fully developed brand concept based on the visual direction decided on in the brand strategy. I take a ONE concept approach when it comes to design, playing with a variety of directions up front and narrowing down as I go in order to deliver the best, most succinct solution for your brand. Your concept will be presented through an in-depth PDF presentation, where I’ll walk you through all rationale.



I’ll ask for your honest and timely feedback by discussing what’s working and what can be improved (don’t worry, I can take it). Then, using your comments as a guide, I’ll work through two rounds of refinement* to create the perfect final solution.

05. BUILD OUT (collateral)

Depending on what you need, I’ll design your chosen collateral pieces as well as anything else that you add on. One concept and two rounds of refinement* are included for each item. These could include flyers, business cards, or social media templates, for example.


I aim to provide lasting clarity and confidence with your brand experience. You’ll walk away with all of the files and tools needed to successfully launch your brand into the world including a brandboard, style guide, fonts, and logos prepared for print and screen.

*Additional refinements will be charged at my standard hourly rate, which is currently £30 per hour.



I’d love to hear about your project! Please fill out the contact form below and I will usually get back to you within 2-3 business days. If you'd rather not fill out a form, you can email me directly at

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