I design websites in Squarespace -  a website building platform and hosting company that’s really user-friendly and easy for clients to manage. The beauty of Squarespace is that it is a totally ‘managed’ platform (unlike WordPress). This means that all updates, maintenance, security and tech stuff is taken care for you so you don’t even need to think about it. It also means it’s really easy for you to make updates to your own website without hiring the services of a web designer.

a website that reflects your brand, is modern, clear, purposeful.

I love creating websites and seeing brands and businesses come to life. I seriously enjoy it, so if it’s something that you dread, or if design is not your forte, then I’d love to help you build a beautiful online home that compliments your unique brand. I’ll provide you with a business presence that will engage with your audience, showcases your products and your blog posts in the best way, and you won’t have wasted hours trying to make your site work as it should.


Here’s what you get


Domain connection &
website set up on Squarespace

Branded ‘Coming Soon’
holding page

Beautifully styled,
mobile-responsive pages

social media integration

Basic on-page SEO

personalised video tutorials

30 days email support


how it works


01. client homework

Before I begin designing your site I’ll ask you to gather all your content in advance as this ensures a smoother and quicker process. If we are building a new website from scratch, this will mean preparing all your copy and images and saving them to a shared Dropbox folder for me to access. I can help find a copywriter if this is required. 

Already have a website and are looking to refresh the design? Then we can normally skip this step, but it is always worth having a review at this stage to see any updates are required.

02. create & refine

This is where I dive in and start designing your site - you probably won’t hear from me for a few days! I’ll be putting together a draft of the website in Squarespace - once I’ve got most of the pages complete I’ll send you an invite to come in to Squarespace and view the work I have done so far. 

Then I’ll ask for your honest feedback on the design and we’ll discuss any refinements you would like me to make. Remember your content doesn’t need to be perfect at this stage as you’ll soon be able to make any content edits yourself.



Once you’re happy with the web design, I’ll connect your domain to the new website and show you how to upgrade your Squarespace plan from a Trial to a paid plan, which will automatically make your site live! 


Now you’re all set and your site is out in the wild, but don’t worry - I won’t be leaving you just yet. I will be sending you a video tutorial (including a personal tour of the back-end of your website) so that you’ll be able to make any edits you need in the future and have complete control over your new home on the web!



I’d love to hear about your project! Please fill out the contact form below and I will usually get back to you within 2-3 business days. If you'd rather not fill out a form, you can email me directly at gemma@bobblegraphics.co.uk

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